Tips on How to Become a Surrogate Mother

23 Feb

Becoming a surrogate mother can be a good feeling knowing that you will help a couple to have a family of their own.

First, you should go through the requirements you need to know. You must pass through the conditions for you to be a surrogate mother. You must be of the age and have children of your own. You should never have any hereditary diseases. You should visit your doctor for the checkup of the preconception. The doctor will inform whether you are healthy to get pregnant and bring it to term. You will get checked on specific diseases and still be given some prescription to prepare your body for the pregnancy.

You should have the psychological screening to make sure that once you get the baby, you will give to the intended parents and not have second thoughts. Some surrogate mothers have caused the intended parents pain by saying they will keep the baby of which no law can get the baby away from the surrogate mother. It is hard for any woman to carry the baby to term and then give to someone else. Hence, there is a requirement for psychological screening for you to find it easy, and right to make another family happy by giving them the child, becoming a surrogate today!

There are different types of the surrogacy services, and thus you should choose the best for you. Sometimes some mothers choose the traditional surrogacy while others prefer the gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy which most people choose the embryo of created from the lab of the intended parents will be transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother.

You should take your time and learn about the surrogacy laws in your country and state. You might have a good heart to make a couple happy by being their surrogate mother, but you might face some rejection later with your child. The law will always take you as the mother of the baby. Sometimes when the baby is born and has issues, you find the intended parents taking off hence leaving you with a child you never prepared for, and you have to support with all you have. Therefore, let the contract to be in writing and involve a lawyer such that you will be on the safe side. Get more facts about surrogacy, go to

You should choose whether you will select a surrogacy agency to match you with intended parents. However, if you have someone you know, then you should go ahead with the contract signing and get pregnant. When the child is born, then give the intended parent and leave happy as a surrogate mother. Learn how to find a surrogate here!

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